Affordable Animal Care

At Georgetown Veterinary Clinic we are committed to delivering the best veterinary services at competitive rates. Our pet hospital is fully equipped to provide your pet with the professional care they need. Drop by our clinic if you need affordable veterinary care for your pets.

Veterinary Services

Cat inside a carrier

Pet Boarding

Our boarding services offer a comfortable and secure home away from home for your pets, ensuring they are in caring hands during your absence.

Cat wearing surgery cone

Pet Surgery

Rely on our skilled surgical procedures to address a wide range of medical conditions, ensuring your pet’s health and vitality.
Vet examining dog's teeth

Pet Dental Care

Discover our dental care expertise, preserving your pet’s oral health and ensuring they have a bright and happy smile.

Vet doing ultrasound for cat

Pet Ultrasound

Experience the precision of our advanced ultrasound technology, delivering precise diagnostics and improved care for your pet.

Vet holding cat and checking X-ray

Pet X-ray

Our high-quality, digital X-ray services aid in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, ensuring your pet’s optimal health.

dog at the vet

Pet Vaccines

We keep your pet protected and healthy with essential vaccinations, safeguarding their well-being throughout their life.

Cat sitting near window

Pet Spay

Our dedicated team ensures the health and happiness of your pet through expert spaying services, focusing on their long-term welfare.

Cat wearing surgery cone

Pet Neuter

Promote responsible pet ownership with our professional neutering services, contributing to your pet’s well-being and reducing overpopulation.

Vet examining a dog

Pet Acupuncture

Explore holistic therapies like acupuncture, enhancing your pet’s overall well-being through alternative treatments.

Vets examining a dog

In-House Pet Laboratory

With our in-house laboratory, we swiftly and accurately diagnose your pet’s health issues, providing prompt and effective care.

Vet examining a cat

Full-Service Pet Hospital

Our full-service hospital is your one-stop destination for all your pet’s healthcare needs, from regular check-ups to emergency treatment, we’ve got it covered.

Cat and dog on a teal blob

Trust Our Veterinary Team

Leaving your beloved pets at the hands of strangers can be difficult. Visit our clinic to see the love our veterinary team has for animals. Trust us with all your pet care needs. Our team will make every effort to ensure that your pets feel at home with us. Call us at (812) 951-3388 if you want to learn more about the veterinary services we offer.